Troubleshooting Basic Air Conditioning Problems

When temperature levels skyrocket and your cooling system is not cooling in the summer season heat, you require a fast option. While lots of a/c repair work need an expert, property owners can find out the best ways to fix and repair some typical house air conditioner issues themselves. Related: What You Do If Your AC System Breaks Down

Insufficient Air CoolingTroubleshooting-Basic-Air-Conditioning-Problems

If the central air system does not appear to be cooling your house effectively, start by decreasing the thermostat 5 degrees. If that does not repair the issue, you might have an unclean evaporator. Thoroughly tidy the evaporator and let it run for a couple of hours. If the issue stays, it might suggest you have actually a poorly sized a/c unit. Remember that an incredibly hot day might affect your system's efficiency. If temperature levels outdoors are over 100 degrees, you might not have the ability to attain 62 degrees inside your house no matter what does it cost? Your air conditioner blows cold air, specifically if you have a great deal of windows allowing the sun's energy. Constantly talk to an expert prior to deciding to change your air conditioning system, particularly if temperature levels have actually been abnormally high.

Air Conditioning System is not Cooling

If your air conditioner isn't really cooling your home despite the fact that it's running, you ought to initially examine the thermostat to make sure it's working effectively. Next, have a look at the condenser to see if it's filthy or obstructed. If so, tidy it and get rid of the clog. The condenser can end up being obstructed by high weeds, yard or other airborne particles. If the air conditioner still isn't really blowing cold air, this could be the outcome of a malfunctioning compressor or an insufficient quantity of refrigerant in the system. Once again, these are issues that an expert has to resolve.

The air system shuts on and off consistently

This is another issue that can occur with an unclean or obstructed condenser system, in addition to an unclean evaporator. The majority of the time, offering the whole system a great cleansing and getting rid of any blockages will remove the issue.

Air Condenser isn't Really Running

If your condenser isn't really running, inspect the power to make sure the system is plugged in. If so, look for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Bring back the power and see if it begins. Another possible cause is a thermostat that isn't really set appropriately. Lower the thermostat by 5 degrees and see if it kicks on. If not, the issue is likely a defective motor or compressor. You'll have to get expert assistance to repair that issue.

When to call an HVAC specialist?

Cleaning your air conditioning system is something you can do by yourself, offered you have a standard understanding of the parts of the system. However, whenever you have to deal with the coolant, you require the aid of an expert HVAC specialist. If you currently do some standard troubleshooting and the issue still exists, you have to employ an HVAC specialist.

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Types Of Longboards

Types of Longboards explained

Longboarding is an adventuresome sport and is quite popular especially among the youth. Some of the modern riding styles are cruising/carving, downhill, freestyle and free ride. Different Longboards has been designed for various riding styles, which means a rider needs to buy different boards to enjoy different riding styles. Also, different Longboards comes in various shapes and sizes which make them different from one another. Longboard decks come in many shapes, which help us to categorize different types of Longboards. So, let’s have a look at the most common kinds of Longboards currently available. Read more about types of longboards.

1. Downhill

The best about Downhill Longboards is that these are ideal for riding down the hills. Made from the finest quality material, these Longboards can surely survive the harshest terrain and lets you enjoy the longboarding in a unique and enchanting way. One the biggest problems faced by long boarders while moving downhill is speed wobbling, and high-quality downhill Longboards eliminate this issue. You can quickly move into a perfect direction as these Longboards are equipped with a defined rear as well as the front. All this helps to move smoothly down the hill and that too in a straight direction. Custom build your complete longboard here

2. Drop Through

If you are looking for Longboards for that relaxed longboarding, then Drop through Longboards can be a perfect choice. Not only they look nice but also let you cruise and enjoy a free ride like no other. Aside from these many benefits, there is one more excellent thing that you can experience, and that is better stability. However, you should not jeopardize on the safety front by not wearing a helmet. We always insist on dressing in a high-quality helmet along with other safety accessories such as knee pads, wrist pads, and arm pads.

3. Carving Longboards

Carving is one of the essential techniques that most of the long boarders wish to learn. Though it not difficult to master this impressive technique but you need to ensure everyday practice so that you can pass any obstacle smoothly and efficiently. The unique perimeter shape also helps in making sure that you can systematically turn one angle or another.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo Longboards are light and highly flexible. The Younger generation is going nuts over it because of these advantages. Apart from lightweight, these Longboards are completely organic and look cool. Superior quality bamboo Longboards can help you perform multiple tricks and incredible performance. The only drawback is that it 's hard to replace the wheels, but this issue gets ignored when you know that these Longboards are cheap and highly economical.

5. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail Longboards are quite similar to pintail Longboards as it comes with a wider base center and a sharp nose. The only distinction between these two longboard types is the tail. Fishtail Longboards go with a divided tail that makes it a proper option to enjoy the classic surf style. Moreover, it also helps you to take a long ride and make sharp turns easily.

6. Mini cruiser Longboards

Mini cruiser boards are technically not a longboard as these boards come with a board length of 33’’ or less. Mini cruiser Longboards are proper only for the professional riders as it offers more speed and better turning ability due to its shorter board length. A beginner will find it very challenging to enjoy a ride on mini cruiser Longboards as it does not give as much stability as blunt Longboards. So, purchase this board only if you have defeated your longboarding skills and wish to enjoy a faster and adventurous ride.

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Familiarize yourself with real estate terminology

Here's a brief glossary of the terms you're likely to hear frequently in the search for your new home.

Are you ready to buy a house? That's fine! But they will have to know some procedures that will probably confuse them at the beginning, especially if they are going to process a mortgage loan. Here's a brief glossary of the terms you're likely to hear frequently in the search for your new home.

Real Estate

Real estate or real estate are all those assets that, as opposed to movable property, have a fixed situation in space and are not susceptible to being taken or transferred, such as the soil, buildings, and constructions of all kinds attached to the land.


Transfer of rights to property (such as a home) generally, through a loan. A mortgage is canceled when the loan is paid in full. A mortgage is a loan that is granted to help in the purchase of a home. The lender gives you a certain sum of money that you have to repay in a specified term.


Capital is the amount of money borrowed according to the selling price of the house.


Interest represents the cost of borrowing money. Interested in investing? Look closely at Nellie Gail Horse Property


Taxes are paid to the local government and are usually a percentage of the value of the property. The amount of tax varies depending on where you live.


Contract by which an insurance company is obligated to pay damages or to pay a sum of money, using the payment of a certain amount of money (premium), in the event of a loss (theft, fire, Etc.) or a previously agreed circumstance (death, retirement, etc.).

Credit History

The payment patterns you have shown in the past help the lender predict how you could act in the future.


Who receives a loan or a credit opening. Check out Nellie Gail Ranch Equestrian Center

Credit Bureau

An organization that provides information on the credit behavior of people who have or have had a credit in banks or companies affiliated with that body.

Solidary Debtor

A person who is obliged to pay a debt together with the borrower, even without owning any property acquired by the latter.

Investment Units (UDI)

Account units used to neutralize the impact of inflation on financial and commercial operations. Its value is constant, and its price is adjusted daily according to the National Index of Consumer Prices.


SHF (Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal) is a financial institution that promotes, through the granting of loans and guarantees, the construction and acquisition of housing of social interest, as well as the securitization of mortgage portfolios generated by financial intermediaries such as multiple banking institutions, insurance companies, SOFOLES and economic development trusts.


FOVI is a Public Trust created in 1963 by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit at Banco de México, which is administered by Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, S.N.C. As of February 26, 2002.


Conjunction of two or more lines of credit granted for the execution of a project.

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Most Common Misconceptions About Snoring and Sleep Apnea

A bunch of people snores and many snorers also have sleep apnea. However, there are some common misconceptions about these two conditions that many individuals and even some doctors continue to perpetuate.

5 misconceptions about snoring and sleep apnea

1. Sleep apnea happens only to older, overweight, snoring men with large necks.

Although the stereotypical description does fit people at the end of the spectrum, we now know that even young, skinny women that don't snore can have significant obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea begins with mandible structure narrowing and later involves obesity. It is ruled that 90% of women with this condition not be diagnosed. Untreated, it can cause or aggravate weight gain, depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

2. It is better to sleep facing up.

For some people, sleeping on their back is typical, but many people prefer to sleep on their sides or to face down. They need to rest in this position for a valid reason: Their tongues fall back due to gravity in a deep sleep with added tissue relaxation leading to frequent pauses while breathing. Dermatologists tell women not to sleep on their stomachs, to prevent facial wrinkles. However, this will worsen wrinkles since you will not sleep well at all.

3. I do not snore, or I do not have apnea. I feel fine.

There's no way of proving that you do not snore or don't have sleep apnea without having a sleep study performed. Not even spouses can tell. The majority of people pause breathing once in a while. Also, if you do not snore, you may not be breathing either. Some individuals stop breathing 50 to 70 times every hour and feel good. However, they are at increased risk for heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

4. If I lose weight, I will cure myself of sleep apnea.

Sometimes. It is worth trying, but in general, it is tough to lose weight if you have sleep apnea. This is since poor sleep exacerbates weight gain as well as to increase your appetite. Once you are sleeping better, it will be easier to lose weight. It is not enough just to tell people to sleep more.

5. Snoring comes from the nose, so if I unclog my nose, my snoring will stop.

Having a congested nose can aggravate snoring and sleep apnea, but in general, it is not the cause. A recent study revealed that experiencing nasal surgery for breathing problems healed sleep apnea in only 10% of patients. Snoring vibrations are coming from the soft palate, which is worst by having a small jaw and the tongue falling back. It is an intricate relation between the nose, the palate, and the tongue. Check out SnoreRx, the mouthpiece that will help you stop snoring. The bottom line is, if you snore, you have a significant chance of suffering from undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. Even if an over the counter snore aids seem to alleviate the problem, usually snoring comes back. If you have any of the complications such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, obesity or frequent urination, then there's, even more of a reason to get checked. You can watch a video about the misconceptions of snoring.

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How Essential Oils Heal

most-benefitial-essential-oilsAromatherapy has gaining lots of popularity latterly and a lot of people are enjoying the perks of essential oils. There are lots of skeptics out there but together there are millions of people who swear about the valuable effects of essential oils. The way essential oils heal is through stimulating your limbic system that is located in your brain. Each essential oil has a diverse effect as every scent influences a diverse part of your brain. Thus, the impact on your limbic system essential oils provides benefits for diverse parts of the body. The way essential oils are used is through massage. What happens then is that the oil is absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Then they travel in the blood stream reaching body organs. It doesn’t take long to feel the effect of the absorption. Normally it takes anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. When the oils have been used to your body they will keep on your skin for a few hours so the oils are totally absorbed and as a result maximize them. How long a smell lasts also depends on the type of the essential oil you use. Some lasts a few hours, while there are oils that last up to one day. Diverse aromatherapy oil last longer than others.  Like for instance, peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus and bergamot are examples of essential oils that do not last long. However, balm, lavender and hyssop last up to 72 hours. Essential oils like sandalwood, jasmine, cedar wood and ginger could last for up to 1 week. Discover too the best essential oils for constipation and feel healthier. For you to know which essential oils to use it is essential to predetermine your needs. Then again, when there are more than a few needs it is essential to know how to mix the oils to provide desired effects. Combinations of essential oils can be mixed to provide a massage or even in the bathtub and as a result relax and calm you. The healing and soothing effects of essential oils are countless Make sure you do your research and find which ones are good for what you need.

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How Wedding Designers Are Transforming Venues

Wedding venueNot every wedding venue that’s chose will be exactly what the bride and groom are hoping for. Sometimes, they have to settle for what’s available, and that can mean making concessions on what they really want and just making do. While some become disappointed that their venue isn’t all they had hoped for, others are letting their weddings designers work some magic to transform the venue into something special and more closely resembling their desired locale. One way they are doing that is by evoking memories of places that hold special memories for the couple. So, if they have fond memories of Boston, then the designer may go for a cobblestone look in the venue, or if they took a trip to Paris at some point the designer may bring in vintage street lamps to decorate with. These nostalgic flourishes don’t have to encompass the entire wedding. Instead, they can be little touches here and there that help bring out memories and create a mood. Speaking of mood, some designers are able to create the kind of ambiance the couple is looking for, even if the venue isn’t quite what they had in mind. Simple Greenville, SC wedding venues are being turned into romantic or festive places through the smart use of lighting and draped cloth. These can create an atmosphere and environment that is perfect for the mood the couple is trying to establish. While venue specialists such as greenville SC wedding venues are able to help couples find the most suitable venue for their big day, they realize that not every couple will be happy with the selections available. Every wedding venue service attempts to provide exactly what the couple wants in a venue, but that’s not always possible. Thankfully, there are wedding designers who can turn any venue into the perfect wedding day locale, complete with all the touches that make it a memorable occasion for all the right reasons. Even the perfect venue can be made better with the right mood lighting, decoration or nostalgic touches. These ideas are trending in the wedding industry, and they are likely to be very important to making weddings magical in the years to come.

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Can Social Media Really Improve SEO

Social Media has become very popular for use in search engine optimization. Gather So much so that we at Social Media Training have developed training around SSEO (Social Search Engine Optimization). There is a big question circulating in the SEO world: will Social Media be replacing traditional Search Engine Results and Search Engine Optimization practices. Some experts say Social Media will replace SEO and others are saying SEO is here to stay. We think it’s a little of both! By 2014, eMarketer estimates that 65% of all US Internet users will be using social networks. And just to confirm how important this issue is, Google is now using in their guarded search algorithm, the “social graph” as a sign of trust and credibility. There is no denying that social media at present is playing a vital role in the way users use the Internet nowadays. Everyone including kids, teenagers, seniors, news companies and business owners are participating in social networking websites. If you are currently trying to improve your website’s ranking through the use of search engine optimization then you might be interested to know that social media is now playing an important part in SEO. Social Media Growth Social Media Tips for SEO purposes All SEO begins with content. The first step to creating backlinks is to write content that people will want to share. Articles that solve problems, provide a helpful resource, entertain, show innovation or even create controversy can all generate backlinks. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media websites are driven by the desire to share. One of the quickest ways to build social media credibility is to share excellent blog posts, video clips and other valuable online content. When you write content that will give Facebook and Twitter users or bloggers credibility just by sharing it, you’re going to generate quality backlinks which will improve your SEO. Social media marketing improves Search Engine Optimization by way of getting a lot more traffic to go to your website and discuss your posts. Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are now being indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others; so if you have more action on your website, then the greater you’ll be positioned in search results as the search engines favor active sites. Establishing a presence on the top social media sites has never been more important. Right now, you’ve got to have a presence on the Top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube because they contain the most “authority” from a SEO standpoint because they influence Google’s social algorithm more than any other social media sites out there. This will allow your site to gain more authority for target keywords on the search ranking result pages. Here are several other “easy to implement” tactics to improve SEO: Add, increase and grow your followers, friends and contacts so that you increase your reach and visibility. Create compelling, customized profile pages. Add your social links to your Web site too. For those of you addicted to The Twitter, encourage Retweeting. Tweets are getting indexed by Google. Encourage “Liking”, “Tweeting” and “sharing” of pages, articles and valuable content from your web site. Contribute actively to other blogs and forums by commenting on articles related to your area of focus. Consider doing some guest blogging with links back to your own blog. In conclusion, Social Media is more than just a trend – it is a paradigm shift for SEO and should be integrated as one of your key strategies to getting found on the Internet.

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Alternative Energy Resources Such as Little Hydro

You will find various kinds of alternative energy resources as well as for every supply, you may also anticipate various kinds of energy vegetation that may perform the power era. This really is accurate too for that hydropower choice; you will find a minimum of 3 kinds of energy vegetation. Energy Smart PTY Ltd And also the foundation associated with categorization of those vegetation is actually their own energy capability. The standard may be the small-hydro as well as normally, this is used with regard to small towns requiring it’s energy needs. Or even this is often set up through sectors as well as big companies to be able to satisfy the needs from the company. Mentionened above previously, the actual hydropower vegetation tend to be classified on the energy result. The actual small-scale or even the small hydro grow is actually likely to provide as much as 10 megawatts or even MW. As well as with respect to the area, this particular description could be diverse. For instance in the usa, the grow that may produce thirty MW may be regarded as a small hydro. Within North america, the meaning is actually prolonged to incorporate 50 MW within set up capability. You will find subdivisions with regard to this kind of grow, which consists of the actual small hydro that may create under 1000 kW and also the mini hydro that may produce under 100 kW. These types of ‘micro’ vegetation tend to be greatest accustomed to satisfy the needs associated with small company as well as towns. These types of small hydro techniques could be attached to the actual grid as well as may be used to provide energy. Or even this is often set up individually (this can be a present exercise in several areas of the planet). How does hydroelectricity work, and how is this generated Regardless of exactly how small or even big the capability from the energy vegetation, many of these creates electrical power through tapping about the energy associated with operating drinking water. The same as it’s larger-sized brothers and sisters, the small hydro will require a continuing circulation associated with drinking water, which supply ought to drop from the sensible elevation. Here is the way the program functions. The actual operating drinking water is actually handed via a tube to the generator. The larger the actual stress from the moving drinking water, the actual quicker the actual rotor blades from the generator may change. This particular revolving base is really attached to the actual power generator, as well as this is actually the one which successfully changes the actual movement in to electrical power. Generally, this really is setup within places exactly where you will find current dams. Additional business owners as well as designers will even search for forgotten hydro websites, buy the home as well as create these types of websites in to brand new hydro vegetation. The option eventually depends upon the actual creator depending on cost-benefit evaluation. Why turn to small hydro Engaging in this method is actually attaining floor particularly within far-flung places. Scientists, designers as well as plan manufacturers tend to be relying on numerous explanations why this method ought to be provided the actual go-signal. Main reasons range from the requirement for minimum environment as well as licensing actions, the actual tools required within power era tend to be easy and also the building from the small hydro demands much less period as well as minimum work. Include the truth that this kind of energy electrical generator provides several utilizes, and also you possess the ideal method for any dependable as well as long term supply of green power with regard to small-scale programs.

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Decorating Our Home With AICO Furniture

The primary concern of all owners is home decorating. It won’t matter if the place is huge or small. All of us allot a price range for the beautification of our home. Each room shall be full of furniture and ornaments to make us happy. We all want to make investments for the finest ornament possible. We must always make a radical planning earlier than we simply buy any furniture. Apart from our entire family’s benefits, it is also good to think about our neighbours and friends that may drop by our home. We must always start our residence adorning in deciding on what furnishings we must always buy. One of the most recommended furnishings of all time is AICO. Flood Restoration Brisbane We must always bear in mind that having revolutionary furnishing plans would make the next decorating bother-free. AICO Furnishings is vital for any dwelling not simply because it adds design and unique fashion; it is given that it offers individual function. We are able to begin planning our house primarily within the entryway. This is the foremost space that all of us see so we also needs to embrace this in our artistic planning. AICO designed effective sets of sideboards to supply a good first impression to our guests. Now, the living room should have the equal appearance and even greater than the entryway. From hearth, facet tables, loveseat, ottoman up to the sofa certainly AICO furnishings has one of many most interesting front room set to offer commercial fit out. This area is where we are able to have time for recreation so it is important if we now have the best living room set. The dining room should have furniture with the utmost quality. It is actually dear to purchase new sets of eating set if our previous one gets wrecked. That is another excuse why people select to have AICO eating set due to the durability. When it comes to bedroom set, it’s a must that our furnishings is purposeful and comfortable. But what’s really important is that we’ll be capable to have the style we wish and the worth value we deserve. As well as, adorning our home could be simpler if the furnishings have the identical model and same collection line. Learn More: Home Extensions and Renovations

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New Automobile Online

Valcourt, Canada – In a country where the landscape is dominated by snow for almost 6 months a year, find ways to outdoor recreation was a simple little task decades ago. A little history He ran the 50 and the small town of Valcourt, located in the Canadian province of Quebec saw a father and his son died in their hands, MFD Is your #1 service provider! due to lack of means of transport that could cross the snow-covered forests, time to reach a medical facility that could deliver. The man, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a mechanic-turned-inventor, he swore he would get to create a means of transport capable of moving at high speeds through the snow, seeking to provide a product that gives security and speed. The invention was not expected, and that’s how in 1959, Bombardier introduced the first snowmobile o ‘snowmobile’ of history. The vehicle, called the Ski-Dog, as they sought to replace the traditional sled dogs, suffered its first amendment in the name before release. Commissioned to paint the letters in the body, did not have a steady hand to draw the letter G in the name, and inadvertently gave birth to the popular Ski-Doo. The success was immediate. In the first year it sold 225 units, while four years later sales reached 8210 ‘snowmobiles. ” Bombardier died years later, but had already given the starting point of what would be the company BRP, which today manufactures and markets products: Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo Spyder among others. In the year 2009 will mark 50 years of the launch of the first Ski-Doo and Valcourt, and have ready the model will go on sale to commemorate this anniversary. These are models based on the new REV platform, which offers shoppers an ultralight weight compared to its competitors. Happy endings are the buyers and include sporty versions and deluxe versions. The interesting thing is that all 2009 models are made on the new chassis that in addition to its light weight, provides a driving position that leaves the driver in the center of gravity snowmobile providing greater maneuverability, handling and control especially when folded into sudden movements. For this 50 anniversary BRP introduces two new types of engines. Both made of alloys that have low weight and durability. The new engine 600 H.O. E-TEC two-stroke provides an economy of 25 miles per gallon. The other novelty Rotax 1200 4-TEC is the first of four times set for ‘snowmobiles’, offers 130 horsepower and an economy of 22 miles per gallon. One way or another the experience of driving a Ski-Doo is unique, and really the engine 600 HO E-TEC is more than enough to provide fun, giving speed, and achieve an exciting product capable of releasing adrenaline anyone who rises to lead. The Rotax 4-TEC 1200 would leave more for those who want to use the snowmobile in any competition. To use it as a recreation the small engine is more than enough. The design is something that can not be ignored. If you compare the 2009 model Ski-Doo with the previous model, not just the chassis and the engine makes a difference. Your driving position has been improved in several points, giving the final result, a more comfortable ride, riding the vehicle more natural. This benefit is reflected, especially after being jumping for a couple of hours in the snow, where to get off the snowmobile are not stiff knees or forearms cramped. The town of Valcourt, in which 2 in 1500 of 3 000 people working in the factory BRP provides weather, location, and a spectacular forest in order to test new product innovations. Having witnessed how working on the production line of the factory, shows that no detail is overlooked. To enjoy snowmobile the 50th anniversary of Ski-Doo in the winter of 2009, must go to the factory by ordering now, because the dealers and are processing the orders and promise to deliver in October 2008.

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Running to Improve Heart Health

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the greatest things an individual can do to maintain a good heart. Positive Health Wellness Running is excellent for the physical conditioning of the heart and will also provide numerous other benefits. It is also an effective exercise to get the blood and oxygen circulation flowing efficiently throughout the body. Running is a great way to tone the muscles and slim down while decreasing the risk of heart related diseases. Running has also been shown to help eliminate stress and relieve mild forms of depression. Stress, depression, and other emotional conditions can have a harmful impact on the heart. Running is an effective way to release endorphins which help to alleviate pain and relieve stress. Many people may begin running as a weight loss remedy. Obesity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and physical inactivity are major risk factors for heart disease. Incorporating running in an exercise routine can lower the chances of heart disease. Running can help lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and help build muscle mass while burning an abundant amount of calories to aid with the goal of weight loss. It is important to maintain proper running form to reduce the risk of injury and increasing the efficiency of the workout. The upper body should be slightly leaning forward with the hands at waist level, and arms should be relaxed as they swing gently at the sides. Running should be in short strides and landing should be made on the ball of the foot, not on the toes or heels. Excessive landing on the heels can cause stress on the muscles and may lead to injury in the legs and feet. Sustaining injuries from running is fairly common and every preventable measure should be taken to avoid the risk. Common injuries include but are not limited to: • Plantar Fasciitis – Pain in the heel as a result of inflammation and tears along the connective tissue along the plantar fascia. • Achilles tendinitis – Inflammation of the Achilles tendon caused by straining and overstretching of the muscles in the tendon and calf muscles. • Pulled muscles – Small muscle tears resulting from overexertion of a particular muscle. • Stress fractures – Small cracks in the bones resulting from repetitive use of a certain part of the body. • Ankle Sprains – Injuries to the ligaments of the ankle joint usually resulting from the ankle being forced into an abnormal position. • Shin splints – Pain in the large bone in the front of the lower leg as a result of excessive force placed on the shinbone and connective tissues. • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee) – Aching pain under or around the front of the kneecap as a result of excessive stress on the knee. • Blisters – Small bubbles of skin filled with fluid on the feet that are caused by friction and/or pressure Runners are particularly susceptible to these and other injuries because of the physical pressure they place upon their bodies. Enduring any type of injury can immobilize a runner, making their cardiovascular workout physically impossible. However, taking the necessary precautions such as wearing the proper shoes or being careful in their running style can increase the chances to experience a safe and healthy workout every time.

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