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Valcourt, Canada – In a country where the landscape is dominated by snow for almost 6 months a year, find ways to outdoor recreation was a simple little task decades ago.

A little history

He ran the 50 and the small town of Valcourt, located in the Canadian province of Quebec saw a father and his son died in their hands, MFD Is your #1 service provider! due to lack of means of transport that could cross the snow-covered forests, time to reach a medical facility that could deliver.

The man, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a mechanic-turned-inventor, he swore he would get to create a means of transport capable of moving at high speeds through the snow, seeking to provide a product that gives security and speed.

The invention was not expected, and that’s how in 1959, Bombardier introduced the first snowmobile o ‘snowmobile’ of history.

The vehicle, called the Ski-Dog, as they sought to replace the traditional sled dogs, suffered its first amendment in the name before release.

Commissioned to paint the letters in the body, did not have a steady hand to draw the letter G in the name, and inadvertently gave birth to the popular Ski-Doo.

The success was immediate. In the first year it sold 225 units, while four years later sales reached 8210 ‘snowmobiles. ”

Bombardier died years later, but had already given the starting point of what would be the company BRP, which today manufactures and markets products: Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo Spyder among others.

In the year 2009 will mark 50 years of the launch of the first Ski-Doo and Valcourt, and have ready the model will go on sale to commemorate this anniversary.

These are models based on the new REV platform, which offers shoppers an ultralight weight compared to its competitors.

Happy endings are the buyers and include sporty versions and deluxe versions.

The interesting thing is that all 2009 models are made on the new chassis that in addition to its light weight, provides a driving position that leaves the driver in the center of gravity snowmobile providing greater maneuverability, handling and control especially when folded into sudden movements.

For this 50 anniversary BRP introduces two new types of engines. Both made of alloys that have low weight and durability.

The new engine 600 H.O. E-TEC two-stroke provides an economy of 25 miles per gallon. The other novelty Rotax 1200 4-TEC is the first of four times set for ‘snowmobiles’, offers 130 horsepower and an economy of 22 miles per gallon.

One way or another the experience of driving a Ski-Doo is unique, and really the engine 600 HO E-TEC is more than enough to provide fun, giving speed, and achieve an exciting product capable of releasing adrenaline anyone who rises to lead.

The Rotax 4-TEC 1200 would leave more for those who want to use the snowmobile in any competition. To use it as a recreation the small engine is more than enough.

The design is something that can not be ignored. If you compare the 2009 model Ski-Doo with the previous model, not just the chassis and the engine makes a difference.

Your driving position has been improved in several points, giving the final result, a more comfortable ride, riding the vehicle more natural.

This benefit is reflected, especially after being jumping for a couple of hours in the snow, where to get off the snowmobile are not stiff knees or forearms cramped.

The town of Valcourt, in which 2 in 1500 of 3 000 people working in the factory BRP provides weather, location, and a spectacular forest in order to test new product innovations.

Having witnessed how working on the production line of the factory, shows that no detail is overlooked.

To enjoy snowmobile the 50th anniversary of Ski-Doo in the winter of 2009, must go to the factory by ordering now, because the dealers and are processing the orders and promise to deliver in October 2008.