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Types Of Longboards

Types of Longboards explained

Longboarding is an adventuresome sport and is quite popular especially among the youth. Some of the modern riding styles are cruising/carving, downhill, freestyle and free ride. Different Longboards has been designed for various riding styles, which means a rider needs to buy different boards to enjoy different riding styles. Also, different Longboards comes in various shapes and sizes which make them different from one another.

Longboard decks come in many shapes, which help us to categorize different types of Longboards. So, let’s have a look at the most common kinds of Longboards currently available. Read more about types of longboards.

1. Downhill

The best about Downhill Longboards is that these are ideal for riding down the hills. Made from the finest quality material, these Longboards can surely survive the harshest terrain and lets you enjoy the longboarding in a unique and enchanting way. One the biggest problems faced by long boarders while moving downhill is speed wobbling, and high-quality downhill Longboards eliminate this issue. You can quickly move into a perfect direction as these Longboards are equipped with a defined rear as well as the front. All this helps to move smoothly down the hill and that too in a straight direction.

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2. Drop Through

If you are looking for Longboards for that relaxed longboarding, then Drop through Longboards can be a perfect choice. Not only they look nice but also let you cruise and enjoy a free ride like no other. Aside from these many benefits, there is one more excellent thing that you can experience, and that is better stability. However, you should not jeopardize on the safety front by not wearing a helmet. We always insist on dressing in a high-quality helmet along with other safety accessories such as knee pads, wrist pads, and arm pads.

3. Carving Longboards

Carving is one of the essential techniques that most of the long boarders wish to learn. Though it not difficult to master this impressive technique but you need to ensure everyday practice so that you can pass any obstacle smoothly and efficiently. The unique perimeter shape also helps in making sure that you can systematically turn one angle or another.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo Longboards are light and highly flexible. The Younger generation is going nuts over it because of these advantages. Apart from lightweight, these Longboards are completely organic and look cool. Superior quality bamboo Longboards can help you perform multiple tricks and incredible performance. The only drawback is that it ‘s hard to replace the wheels, but this issue gets ignored when you know that these Longboards are cheap and highly economical.

5. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail Longboards are quite similar to pintail Longboards as it comes with a wider base center and a sharp nose. The only distinction between these two longboard types is the tail. Fishtail Longboards go with a divided tail that makes it a proper option to enjoy the classic surf style. Moreover, it also helps you to take a long ride and make sharp turns easily.

6. Mini cruiser Longboards

Mini cruiser boards are technically not a longboard as these boards come with a board length of 33’’ or less. Mini cruiser Longboards are proper only for the professional riders as it offers more speed and better turning ability due to its shorter board length. A beginner will find it very challenging to enjoy a ride on mini cruiser Longboards as it does not give as much stability as blunt Longboards. So, purchase this board only if you have defeated your longboarding skills and wish to enjoy a faster and adventurous ride.